The Brat's Paint Cost Estimator

Developed, Created, and Designed by a Painter for Painters! 


With more than 30 years of experience in the painting industry, The Brat’s Paint Cost Estimator’s core processes and functionality are built using knowledge. Brat Paint allows you to accurately bid and estimate paint projects. This app provides so much power and flexibility, you might ask yourself why have I not used something like this before! 




** Highlighted Features ** 

  • Preloaded cost for Interior, Exterior, Specialty, Prep Work, and Custom work items base on a national average. 
  • No calculations or formulas required, just enter your Cost Per Gallon, Coverage Per Gallon, and your Production Rate per Hour, and let Brat Paint do all of the calculations for you. 
  • Create very detailed estimates with the use of our very powerful Interior and Exterior Space Builders. 
  • Estimates can contain a mixture of work items so that you only need to provide your customer with a single estimate. 
  • Add your own painting rates per hour for Interior, Exterior, Wallpapering, Specialty Work, Interior Prep Work, and Exterior Prep Work. 
  • Give that special customer a discount percentage. 
  • Apply customer down payments and set billing schedules. 
  • Supports USA or International Metrics calculations with a flip of a switch. 
  • Have multiple estimates per client. 
  • Allow your client to sign and approve the estimate right on the iPad. Signatures are added to the estimate PDF. 
  • Provide your clients with a billing schedule for progress completed during the project.  

** Additional Features ** 

  • Enter notes per job site, and per space to provide detailed information to your crews. 
  • Set your local sales tax rates, and markups on material and labor costs based on your business requirements. 
  • Add your company logo to the estimates and reports. 
  • Include a customized legal disclaimer and warranty for your estimates. 
  • Impress your clients by emailing or printing the estimate before leaving the job site. 
  • Adjust the estimate work items for 1, 2, or 3 coats of paint with a simple tap of the finger. Brat Paint will automatically adjust the costs appropriately in on the estimate right before your eyes. 
  • Enter separate Paint Codes for each work item. This is very helpful for your crews to make sure they are using the correct paint and/or color. The Paint Order Report uses these codes to show how many gallons and what you need to order for the project. 
  • Reports: Client Estimate, Summary Report, Detail Report, Paint Order Report, and Field Crew (labor) Report. 

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